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Homeward Bound

January 2011

Will we fly in 2011?

A man stands poised on the precipice of a bridge near Paris in 1845, the gleam of discovery and the unknown in his eyes. He leans out into the breeze, poised to leap out over the river from this bridge, crude homemade wings strapped to his arms, dreaming of the wonder of flight. He looks to this right and a small man in a cap looks up at him and nods encouragement as if to say, “You can do this”. He leaps and immediately drops and just as it appears he will crash into the raging river, the wings catch enough wind to lift him, gracefully and magnificently, he rises, soaring triumphantly. And as the entire village watches the incredible wonder of rudimentary flight, a man breathlessly says, "He can fly!"
To which the man standing next to him replies, "Yes…but can he swim?"
That picture of hope and creativity and boldness…with a hint of cynicism…is how some of us feel about the state of the business world and perhaps even our entire world. We are stepping out with boldness, anticipating a great new year, yet all the while making sure we keep practicing our backstroke.
And so our customers feel some of the same thoughts. What about inflation? Unemployment? Interest rates? The stock market? My 401K? Should I buy a house now? Will construction costs soar with commodity costs? These are all good questions we are considering as we contemplate a new year.
Through all this trepidation and uncertainty, we feel that Bartlesville will thrive and continue to be a great community to live and work and play. And so we view 2011 with anticipation and eagerness. Our wings are strapped on and our eyes are on the horizon with hope and wonder.
God bless you and your family in 2011!  Taylor Homes Group wishes you a happy new year filled with lots of wind under your wings!      
brent taylor
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