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Willow Park Duplexes          $1,210
Home in Bartlesville, managed by Taylor Homes Group
Willow Park Duplexes are 2 bedroom units, with 2 bathrooms and 2 car garages. The back yard with grilling patios, along with 1,600 square feet of comfortable living space. 
Rent is $1,210 per month with a 6 month minimum lease along with a security deposit of $1,000. 
Water, trash, and lawn care is included. 
Tenant pays for electric and gas.
Home in Bartlesville, managed by Taylor Homes GroupHome in Bartlesville, managed by Taylor Homes Group

lease rent kitchen duplex 2
Click the link below if you'd like to apply to live in one of these duplexes. 

3 Floor Plans available: A, B & C   Available units in BOLD

Updated 8/22/18

Addresses:   $1,210 monthly rate                                  Available units

1201 Willowpark          1233 Willowpark                                    1233 Willowpark 
1203 Willowpark         1237 Willowpark                                     1245 Willowpark
1207 Willowpark         1239 Willowpark                                     1245 Willowpark
1209 Willowpark        1245 Willowpark                                      1247 Willowpark
1217 Willowpark          1247 Willowpark
1219 Willowpark          1251 Willowpark
1221 Willowpark

Please call the office and set up an appointment to view theses duplexes
          Taylor Homes Group                                 918-333-3500  


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